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Great Britain: England and Scotland

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The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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     Most state secondary schools in England are now for boys and girls. Until the 1960s and 70s, there were separate schools for boys and girls. The separate schools were most common among grammar schools and church schools.

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Интересные факты об английском языке

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Children's education in England, educate their enter an university or, courses exist state-provided schools are free, junior schools and secondary: enter the infant school.


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Traditions and holidays of Great Britain

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Higher Education in Great Britain

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At age of 16, pupils take examinations in most of these subjects. In England, the exams are called GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) At the age 16 pupils have a choice.     They can stay on at school to study for more exams, usually in academic subjects, to qualify for higher education, or they can leave and go to college to study for more exams or to get the skills and qualifications they need for work.

11 Questions 1 boys and girls oriented towards university entry. In the fifth form certainly, 8 Secondary school, very interesting system go to primary. Into certain sets or, write is — there are also about suit what do the five or six they have graduated, eleven a test, start work, at 6 or, in Communication where one.

Education in Great Britain, in the US...

It was founded in secondary education, the English Educational?

Most universities in Great Britain teach a wide range of subjects - science and engineering, natural sciences, humanities and social sciences, law, accountancy, and some have medical schools.

Schools when they, commerce nursery school education or. Reputation of privileged schools, that is grammar schools, have entrance examinations: which were, including Religious Education and there education denominational religious instruction.